Chapter 4- Camping Trip and Birthday’s

Ahh, the camping trip. Nothing like the outdoors to make a person feel alive. We really did have a great time. I would even call it a success. No one died and I found everything I needed to complete my bug collection.

Here I am fishing with the bear. He really was a good guy. We had fun together.

I even got to meet the hermit. We eventually became really good friends. She was a little scary at times but I guess it is understandable since she was insane.

She offered us the use of her home and we took her up on it. Lilith and I had a good time using the bed.

Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games. There were times I was worn out from catching bugs and looking for plants. But I really wanted to be an Outdoor Enthusiast. I even quit my job so we could stay there a long time.

I really enjoyed roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. I even ate some locusts. Can’t say they were great but over all not bad.

Me and the hermit got to know each other really well. She was a nice lady. She shared with me her fertilizer recipe so that was extraordinary.

Here we all are roasting hot dogs. It was such a fun time. The kids loved it.

But all to soon it was time to go home and no sooner had we gotten there and Addison aged up to a teenager.

After that, Lilith and Addison practiced being Vampires all the time.

It wasn’t long and it was Annie’s turn to age up to a teen.

I think she looks a lot like her Grandfather Evan. She is a special girl that is for sure.

Not long after Annie’s birthday it was time for me to age up to an elder. UGH.

My back hurts.

Overall our lives are really good. I am still trying to master herbalism and living with teenagers is not always easy. Plus, living with vampires has it’s challenges but I wouldn’t trade a minute of my life with anyone else.

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