Chapter 3- Birthdays

It seemed like it was no time at all and it was time for Addison’s birthday. I made her a chocolate cake.

Addison is such a tom boy.

We finally got our house built. It seems like it took forever but we finally have a home now.

Lilith and Annie having some airplane fun.

Bath time is always a fun time with a toddler. Splish, Splash.

Ahh, yes, good times. We are so happy.

Cooper stopped by the other day. We are always happy to see him.  We had a great time just chatting away.

Annie in the high chair. Time for dinner.

Time for Lilith’s dinner too.

Now, I just snapped this picture because I thought it was cute. Annie was dancing. She is such a cutie pie.

All too soon it was time for her birthday. Time sure does go fast when you are happy.

Now, that Annie is a child I think it is time to take the whole clan camping. It is going to be so much fun. I can’t wait. I know everyone is very excited about it. Yep, nothing like roughing it in the woods to bring a family closer together. Stay tuned for more about our camping trip in the next chapter.

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