Chapter 2- Our Family

Lilith and I are really happy together. She is active, creative and outgoing. Nothing to not like there. I am cheerful, lazy and loves the outdoors. Yep we are a match made in heaven. The only thing is I was worried about what Lilith was going to eat. How was she going to stay alive.

So, we set out looking for the elusive plasma tree. It took a long time to find it and when we finally did we couldn’t harvest it. We camped that tree for days and days until finally we were able to harvest it. I am not sure what Lilith was eating in the meantime. I was cooking hot dogs and stuff. I was really worried about it because I wanted her to be happy and above all healthy.

Lilith was getting bigger and I was working to try to get walls for our home before the baby came.

After all of the craziness of camping that tree, Lilith decided I was her food bank. I really didn’t mind much. After all, I really love her.

Finally the day came and it was “Go Time”

I acted like any normal Sim in my situation, with panic and just the right amount of fright.

Lilith was a trooper.

Welcome Addison to our family. A baby girl!!

I really love Addison. She is so cute and precious.

We are really happy. As you can see, we have walls!! So excited about that!!

Of course, I am exhausted all the time working so much trying to get the house together.

Our plasma trees are doing well. Unfortunately, Lilith isn’t going to need them so all that camping was for nothing I guess.

Lilith really is a good mom.

It wasn’t long after Addison was born and Lilith had an announcement to make.

That’s right!! I am going to be a dad again. Happy Day!!

Meanwhile, Addison grew up into a toddler. It was also around this time we discovered she was going to be a vampire so she can’t be the heir. My will specifically states no vampires. But  don’t worry Addison will always be taken care of by Lilith.

Lilith and Addison are very close. Lilith can be seen here teaching her all about taking care of herself.  “That’s right Addison, it is a big potty.”

I enjoy giving Addison baths. She is so cute.

Now, I know what you are going to say. Where are the pictures of Lilith being pregnant? To be honest I was so busy painting, building our home and helping take care of Addison that I didn’t find the time to snap any. So, here we are at the hospital. As you can see everyone is much calmer this time around. We are getting to be old hats at this.

Finally our little noo boo was born. And it is a girl!! We named her Annie.

After we brought the baby home I was exhausted. Addison and Lilith spent some time talking about the arrival of Annie.

Annie grew up into a really cute toddler. We checked and it would appear she is HUMAN!! So, yayy. I was really worried that I would have no one to pass my legacy on to.

Yep, now our little family is complete. So, we sit back and enjoy a little peace and quiet in front of the television and talk about our future. We are so happy. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next for us.

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