Chapter 5- Life with Vampires and Moving On

I continued to work on brewing herbs day in and day out.

We made good use of the tent.

And I finally completed my aspirations. I am finally ONE WITH NATURE!! Woot!! What an achievement. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I could do it but there it is, complete. I feel on top of the world.

Meanwhile, Lilith is starting to feed on Annie. I really need to have a talk with her about that. It kind of stresses me out to watch this to be honest. I would rather her feed on me but with two vampires in the house it is challenging.

Addison aged into a young adult.

Here she is. Looking good Addison.

I love birthdays!! Celebrate good times!!

I was so excited about becoming an Outdoor Enthusiast and Addison’s birthday that when Cooper asked me to go to the bluffs with him, I accepted.

We had a great time dancing. It was a really fun night and I am glad I got to spend it with my brother.

Because the next night while I was gardening, I laid down for the final time.

Lilith pleaded for my life but it fell on deaf ears. My time had come to an end.

Everyone was really sad.

Life won’t be the same without daddy. I don’t know what I will do without him.

But I guess it is time for me to grow up and see what my future holds. Dad left me something in a will. Time to find out what he left me.

Chapter 4- Camping Trip and Birthday’s

Ahh, the camping trip. Nothing like the outdoors to make a person feel alive. We really did have a great time. I would even call it a success. No one died and I found everything I needed to complete my bug collection.

Here I am fishing with the bear. He really was a good guy. We had fun together.

I even got to meet the hermit. We eventually became really good friends. She was a little scary at times but I guess it is understandable since she was insane.

She offered us the use of her home and we took her up on it. Lilith and I had a good time using the bed.

Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games. There were times I was worn out from catching bugs and looking for plants. But I really wanted to be an Outdoor Enthusiast. I even quit my job so we could stay there a long time.

I really enjoyed roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. I even ate some locusts. Can’t say they were great but over all not bad.

Me and the hermit got to know each other really well. She was a nice lady. She shared with me her fertilizer recipe so that was extraordinary.

Here we all are roasting hot dogs. It was such a fun time. The kids loved it.

But all to soon it was time to go home and no sooner had we gotten there and Addison aged up to a teenager.

After that, Lilith and Addison practiced being Vampires all the time.

It wasn’t long and it was Annie’s turn to age up to a teen.

I think she looks a lot like her Grandfather Evan. She is a special girl that is for sure.

Not long after Annie’s birthday it was time for me to age up to an elder. UGH.

My back hurts.

Overall our lives are really good. I am still trying to master herbalism and living with teenagers is not always easy. Plus, living with vampires has it’s challenges but I wouldn’t trade a minute of my life with anyone else.

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Chapter 1- The Beginning

After my birthday with Cooper I arrived on my new land in Willow Creek. It was pretty nice considering I had been living in the desert forever and a day. It was so green. Of course, I felt so bad for Cooper I left him everything not thinking about how I might need somewhere to sleep and maybe some money for food. So, I started to look around and see what I could find.

Eventually I had enough money to buy the essentials.

After a few days I had a little more money and was able to buy my easel so I could start painting. I also bought a trash can and some counters.

Now that I felt a little more financially secure, I decided it was time to meet a girl. Maybe start dating. I was feeling pretty lonely, living by myself. I really missed Cooper. I figured I could think about how to meet someone tomorrow. In the  meantime, I ordered a pizza. After a long day of painting I was starving. This girl showed up and even though she seemed nice, she was married.

I also hired a gardener so I could have more time to paint. She was really nice at first.

Then the mail man stopped by.

I also hired a maid. She was single and seemed really nice but I am not sure how she felt about me.

She was giving me “that” look like she didn’t know what to think.

I don’t know what the issue was with this woman but she stormed off mad as can be. I thought we were having a nice time just talking but she seemed pretty upset about something. Maybe she didn’t like me talking to the maid. I don’t know. But every time I saw her after that she was very angry. So, I quit hanging around with her.

This woman stopped by and we really seemed to hit it off. But she told me she was a vampire and I didn’t want to get all mixed up in that so I asked her if we could just be friends. She agreed.

I invited Sasha back over for a date. I thought she was nice and she was single. We seemed to really hit it off so ….

I moved in for a kiss. It was really nice. It was a great start to our date.

We headed over to the restaurant and had a very nice time. The food was really good.

Things were going so well I asked her to be my girlfriend. We were both so excited. There was definitely a love connection happening here.

So, I did what any Sim would do in my situation and I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

Much to my surprise, she said NO and smacked the ring right out of my  hands. I was so embarrassed I was almost mortified. After that I wandered around town for a while but eventually I  went home. I was really bummed out.

It was very late almost morning when I finally arrived home and Lilith was waiting for me. She is a bartender at the restaurant we went to. We talked and talked for the longest time. I was grateful that she was there. She was so easy to be with.

Well, one thing led to another and the next thing I know we were kissing.

And we kissed some more.

I hope she was kissing my neck here and not checking out my juggler.

We were getting along so well that I asked her to marry me.

To say she was excited would be an understatement. She jumped in my arms and said Yes she would marry me.

I gave her a nice ring  which she really seemed to love. I don’t know what got into me but I asked her if she wanted to elope instead of planning for a wedding and she said YES.

So, we eloped right then and there. I felt like there was no time to lose. Life is short and you have to seize the moments as they come up.

My parents waited a long time to have me and as a result I didn’t get to spend as much time with them as I would like so after we were married we started trying for a baby.

Success!! A few days later Lilith took a test and it looks like I am going to be a dad. I can’t wait!! The only thing is..I wonder if it will be  a human or a vampire. Time will tell I guess. I am so excited.

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Chapter 2- Our Family

Lilith and I are really happy together. She is active, creative and outgoing. Nothing to not like there. I am cheerful, lazy and loves the outdoors. Yep we are a match made in heaven. The only thing is I was worried about what Lilith was going to eat. How was she going to stay alive.

So, we set out looking for the elusive plasma tree. It took a long time to find it and when we finally did we couldn’t harvest it. We camped that tree for days and days until finally we were able to harvest it. I am not sure what Lilith was eating in the meantime. I was cooking hot dogs and stuff. I was really worried about it because I wanted her to be happy and above all healthy.

Lilith was getting bigger and I was working to try to get walls for our home before the baby came.

After all of the craziness of camping that tree, Lilith decided I was her food bank. I really didn’t mind much. After all, I really love her.

Finally the day came and it was “Go Time”

I acted like any normal Sim in my situation, with panic and just the right amount of fright.

Lilith was a trooper.

Welcome Addison to our family. A baby girl!!

I really love Addison. She is so cute and precious.

We are really happy. As you can see, we have walls!! So excited about that!!

Of course, I am exhausted all the time working so much trying to get the house together.

Our plasma trees are doing well. Unfortunately, Lilith isn’t going to need them so all that camping was for nothing I guess.

Lilith really is a good mom.

It wasn’t long after Addison was born and Lilith had an announcement to make.

That’s right!! I am going to be a dad again. Happy Day!!

Meanwhile, Addison grew up into a toddler. It was also around this time we discovered she was going to be a vampire so she can’t be the heir. My will specifically states no vampires. But  don’t worry Addison will always be taken care of by Lilith.

Lilith and Addison are very close. Lilith can be seen here teaching her all about taking care of herself.  “That’s right Addison, it is a big potty.”

I enjoy giving Addison baths. She is so cute.

Now, I know what you are going to say. Where are the pictures of Lilith being pregnant? To be honest I was so busy painting, building our home and helping take care of Addison that I didn’t find the time to snap any. So, here we are at the hospital. As you can see everyone is much calmer this time around. We are getting to be old hats at this.

Finally our little noo boo was born. And it is a girl!! We named her Annie.

After we brought the baby home I was exhausted. Addison and Lilith spent some time talking about the arrival of Annie.

Annie grew up into a really cute toddler. We checked and it would appear she is HUMAN!! So, yayy. I was really worried that I would have no one to pass my legacy on to.

Yep, now our little family is complete. So, we sit back and enjoy a little peace and quiet in front of the television and talk about our future. We are so happy. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next for us.

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Chapter 3- Birthdays

It seemed like it was no time at all and it was time for Addison’s birthday. I made her a chocolate cake.

Addison is such a tom boy.

We finally got our house built. It seems like it took forever but we finally have a home now.

Lilith and Annie having some airplane fun.

Bath time is always a fun time with a toddler. Splish, Splash.

Ahh, yes, good times. We are so happy.

Cooper stopped by the other day. We are always happy to see him.  We had a great time just chatting away.

Annie in the high chair. Time for dinner.

Time for Lilith’s dinner too.

Now, I just snapped this picture because I thought it was cute. Annie was dancing. She is such a cutie pie.

All too soon it was time for her birthday. Time sure does go fast when you are happy.

Now, that Annie is a child I think it is time to take the whole clan camping. It is going to be so much fun. I can’t wait. I know everyone is very excited about it. Yep, nothing like roughing it in the woods to bring a family closer together. Stay tuned for more about our camping trip in the next chapter.

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