Prologue to a New Beginning

Carlee Baxter (originally made by zazathepizza) used to live with her parents Jay and Madison.

One day, while Carlee was at school the police showed up and told Carlee that her parents were in a terrible car accident. She was ushered to the woman’s home and stayed there for a couple of weeks until they sent her  to the Sims Orphanage.

The Sims Orphanage was dark and dreary and not very comforting. Unfortunately, Carlee did not have any relatives. Her grandparents both had children late in life and both of her parents were only children. So there were no aunts or uncles to rescue Carlee. All of her belongings were taken to the Orphanage and what was left of her parents estate was given over to the state for her care. Carlee and her parents lived in a modest home so they didn’t have much money but she was always happy.

At first she was very sad to be there and cried a lot. She missed her parents and wondered what happened to her home. She would lay in bed and cry and clutch her necklace, the only thing left of her parents. It was a heart locket with their picture in it. Whenever she was sad she will hold it tight and imagine that they were still alive.

The home wasn’t all bad. It was ran by a really nice older lady Mrs. Cottlebottom who loved children. She devoted all her time to running the Orphanage and raising money for things like books and toys for the children.

Life there wasn’t to bad. She got used to it after a while and made some friends. She liked playing on the jungle gym with her friend Peter.

As time went on, she found that she loved to read. She spent hours and hours looking through the books at the library.

There were times when she was even happy. She would sit on her bed and imagine the type of life she wanted when she grew up. She definitely wanted children and a job working with computers. She had a lot of fun programming on the computer in the library. It was the one time of the day she didn’t think about her parents and felt like maybe she was going to be okay after all.

So time went on and Carlee grew up into a young adult. It was almost time for her to leave the Orphanage and start her own life. She was both terrified and happy to start her new job as a Live Chat Support Agent.

Finally the day came when it was time to say goodbye to Mrs. Cottlebottom. While she was saying goodbye the older woman slipped something into her hand and said, “I think your parents would have wanted you to have this. Good luck and remember we love you here at Sims Orphanage. ” She opened her hand and saw it was a key!! A safe deposit box key.

Anxious to claim whatever little belongings her family might have left, she took off for the Sims 3rd National Bank. She hurried there wondering what she might find.

When she got there, she was stunned to discover that in the box was a deed to some land. It was left to her by her grandmother with a note: My dear Carlee, I hope this land helps you to find your way in life. It is a little remote but it might be just what you need. Please use it for whatever dream you decide to follow. Love, Grandma.

It was time for a new look to go with her new life so she stopped off at the hair dressers.

After she was finished at the hair dresser, she headed for her new life in Oasis Springs. with nothing but a deed, her locket and a promise of a new life.

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