Chapter 9-Another Wedding

After the baby was born, Pranav started spending a lot of time with me. We got along really well. He was no Evan but he was good company and I cared for him very much. 

We laughed together and talked together and played video games together. I found myself caring for him more and more as each day passed by. 

And then one day it happened. we shared our first kiss. 

We decided to go to the new  Italian restaurant in town. It was a great date. Good food and good company. 

I wound up giving Pranav a rose. He loved it. 

When we got home things continued to be romantic.

One thing led to another and…

We  had  such a good time the next morning, I asked him to marry me. He said YES and just like that we were to be married.

We decided to go to the Italian Restaurant where we had our first date and tie the knot.

When you know something is right it is right so why wait. I hope we have a good future together.

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