Chapter 6- Caleb Grows Up

Even though we don’t have much money we are still very happy. Evan is a great husband and I love him so much. He cleans, cooks , takes care of the garden and is so good with Caleb. 

We finally got the money to fix everything and add to the house. Here is an overview of our progress. 

We still have no time though. I can’t even find the time to shower half the time. 

Or to give poor Caleb a much needed bath. 

I try to help out around the house because Evan does so much all the time. I finally found some time to get in some laundry.  

And as time marches on so does Caleb. He grew up into a fine looking boy. Here is his school picture. 

He is really inquisitive always asking questions but one thing about him is he has great manners. He is always helping out around  the house. I couldn’t ask for a better son. Evan and his dad love eating breakfast together in the mornings. He sure loves  his daddy. 

We finally got some pocket change and was able to afford this little Penguin TV. Isn’t it cute? 

We are so happy together. I just can’t believe this is my life. After losing my parents and spending so much time alone, I finally feel like all my dreams are coming true. 

A person couldn’t ask for a better life. I finally feel like I have everything I ever wanted. A home and an awesome family so why not add to it. More is better right?

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