Chapter 5- Birthdays

It is wonderful being a mother. I just love our little Caleb. He is such a good baby. 

It wasn’t long after we were home that it was Evans birthday. How time flies when you are happy. I just can’t believe he is an elder now. 

He still is so cute. But he says  his back hurts all the time. Poor Evan. 

He loves being a father. He is so good with the baby. Caleb never wants for anything. 

It wasn’t long and Caleb became a toddler. Isn’t he cute? He is so smart and independent. He does so much on his own. We are both so proud of him.  

But you know in spite of all the good things happening, life always has to toss you some lemons. Things continued to break and with a toddler to take care of and a job to keep up with things started to slide at the old homestead. The kitchen sink broke. 

Annnd the toilet broke. No money to fix things it had to wait a while. 

Meanwhile me and Caleb decide to have some Grilled Cheese sandwiches. It is always a good time for Grilled Cheese. 

Even though I was tired, I still found time to put Caleb to sleep each night. He is just so adorable. 

Here he is sleeping, the picture of innocence. 

I can’t help it, I just keep snapping pictures of Caleb. He is so cute playing with his blocks. 

He is a tad messy though. Evan is having a hard time keeping up with cleaning up after him. 

Evan is a model husband. You can see here he is washing the clothes. We finally got a little change to buy a wash tub and clothes line. We hope to save up for a washer and dryer soon. 

Caleb is a mess but we love him so much. It is just hard to keep up sometimes. 

More Toddler cuteness. He does love Grilled Cheese sandwiches. 

Annd of course the stove had to break. Time to get back to work .See you next time.

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