Chapter 4- And Baby Makes Three

Finally the day arrived!! I was so glad we were going to get to see our little boy or girl. Evan started out being Mr. Calm and Collected but then…..

He suddenly freaked out which freaked me out so….

He went back to being calm. He is so adorable. I just know he is going to make a great dad.

UGH I hate these hospital gowns. I don’t know what genius thought of these but they are not helpful in any way. And trying to conserve some dignity while wearing one of these is practically impossible.

I sure hope this guy lives to deliver this baby. He looks kind of old.

Oh my!! I don’t feel so good. I think my heart might have…whew wait I am back.

Aww and look a baby boy!! We are so excited and happy. Meet Caleb Baxter. The next generation.

Tears of joy welled up in my eyes. I can’t believe I finally have my very own family. A wonderful husband and beautiful baby. I have to be the luckiest woman alive. Speaking of husbands, where is Evan? Hmmmm.

They tracked Evan down, apparently he needed something to eat I guess. It wasn’t long after we were both checked out that they let us bring home our little bundle of joy.

We are so very happy. 

We talked all day about what we were going to do next. I mean we can’t keep living in the yard. We must get a house. After much discussion, it was decided to get this house we saw in Glimmer Magazine.

This is our new home. It isn’t huge but it is all ours.

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