Chapter 11- An End To All Things

We are pretty happy all the time but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some tense moments. Caleb caught fire in the kitchen and I had to put him out.

Thankfully he was okay. Whew that was scary. 

The lint trap caught fire and I almost died but luckily was able to put myself out. 

Then one day, I felt a weird pain in my chest and that was it. The last thing I saw was the Grim Reaper coming for me. 

Pranav and Cooper were devastated. 

5 minutes later Pranav pointed to the sky and said goodbye dying of a broken heart. 

Cooper was especially devastated as Pranav was the only father he has ever known. So much so that he wasn’t paying attention and when he went to clean the lint trap he caught on fire. Luckily a friend of Caleb’s was there to put it out. 

Caleb was so upset about his mother dying. It was hard to keep it together but he had to for Coopers sake. I think I will let him tell the rest of this story. 

Hi folks. Yeah me and Cooper are pretty upset but we still have fun together as only brothers can. We talk a lot and I told him that once he aged up into a teenager that it was time for me to leave. The house only holds bad memories for me now and I just can’t hang around no more.

It wasn’t long and I aged up into a Young Adult. 

I made Cooper a cake because it was his turn to have a birthday and I didn’t want to leave him being sad. 

Cooper aged up into a teen so it was time for me to go. Mom left me some land and so I decided to strike out on my own. I told Cooper he could come see me anytime though. I left him the house and all the money mom had in her back account. I think he will be okay but I am still sad to leave him.

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