Chapter 11- An End To All Things

We are pretty happy all the time but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some tense moments. Caleb caught fire in the kitchen and I had to put him out.

Thankfully he was okay. Whew that was scary. 

The lint trap caught fire and I almost died but luckily was able to put myself out. 

Then one day, I felt a weird pain in my chest and that was it. The last thing I saw was the Grim Reaper coming for me. 

Pranav and Cooper were devastated. 

5 minutes later Pranav pointed to the sky and said goodbye dying of a broken heart. 

Cooper was especially devastated as Pranav was the only father he has ever known. So much so that he wasn’t paying attention and when he went to clean the lint trap he caught on fire. Luckily a friend of Caleb’s was there to put it out. 

Caleb was so upset about his mother dying. It was hard to keep it together but he had to for Coopers sake. I think I will let him tell the rest of this story. 

Hi folks. Yeah me and Cooper are pretty upset but we still have fun together as only brothers can. We talk a lot and I told him that once he aged up into a teenager that it was time for me to leave. The house only holds bad memories for me now and I just can’t hang around no more.

It wasn’t long and I aged up into a Young Adult. 

I made Cooper a cake because it was his turn to have a birthday and I didn’t want to leave him being sad. 

Cooper aged up into a teen so it was time for me to go. Mom left me some land and so I decided to strike out on my own. I told Cooper he could come see me anytime though. I left him the house and all the money mom had in her back account. I think he will be okay but I am still sad to leave him.

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Chapter 10- Time Marches On

Pranav is a good husband. He loves to cook and seems to really enjoy cleaning. He has the loner, slob and hot headed traits but he is never upset with me or the children. I don’t think I have ever seen him mad, not even once.

He loves Cooper. You would have thought Cooper was his the way he carries on. He likes to feed him his bottle whenever possible. I am lucky to get to hold the baby much.

We have a lot of fun together. We like to watch TV in the evenings and eat our dinner in front of the telly. 

The longer we live together the more in love I am with Pranav. He is just like that. He grows  on you.

Finally the day came when Cooper aged up from a baby to a toddler. Isn’t he the cutest? I am so happy he got my eye color. Both him and Caleb have aqua eyes. He got the angelic trait so I hope he will be a good toddler. 

I just thought this was so cute. 

The two brothers are just so close. 

And Caleb is a good kid too. He takes out the trash and does the laundry which is so nice. I am back to working a lot so it is nice to have help around the house. 

Pranav pays a lot of attention to Cooper. He loves to play airplane with him.

He also is showing him some things here about a bottle I think.

The house is really starting to shape up. I got a huge bonus at work and a nice raise so money is less of an issue now. 

I also had a birthday. UGH. 

Yep that is me looking goofy as ever. I feel okay getting older. It is not as bad as I thought it would be. My back hurts though. 

And then it was Pranav’s turn to age up. 

He doesn’t look bad at all. 

Then Caleb turned into a teen about a week later.

He looks so much like his dad it almost took my breath away. But there might be a little bit of me in there too.

That same day Cooper aged up into a child. 

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It was a very busy week for birthdays.

Chapter 9-Another Wedding

After the baby was born, Pranav started spending a lot of time with me. We got along really well. He was no Evan but he was good company and I cared for him very much. 

We laughed together and talked together and played video games together. I found myself caring for him more and more as each day passed by. 

And then one day it happened. we shared our first kiss. 

We decided to go to the new  Italian restaurant in town. It was a great date. Good food and good company. 

I wound up giving Pranav a rose. He loved it. 

When we got home things continued to be romantic.

One thing led to another and…

We  had  such a good time the next morning, I asked him to marry me. He said YES and just like that we were to be married.

We decided to go to the Italian Restaurant where we had our first date and tie the knot.

When you know something is right it is right so why wait. I hope we have a good future together.

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Chapter 8- And Baby Makes Three Again

Caleb and I were just really sad. It was hard to get through eating my cereal not to mention each day. 

Poor Caleb just cried and cried. He couldn’t seem to get over losing his dad. 

Many times I would look up in the sky and ask why why why did Evan have to be taken. Life just isn’t fair not at all. It was a chore just taking a bath each day. 

I decided to call work and take some family leave. We needed time to mourn. 

Sometimes we would just look at each other and cry. 

I tried really hard to comfort Caleb. But I was having such a hard time myself that it was difficult to tell him things were going to be okay when I wasn’t sure if they ever would be again. 

I don’t know what happened but it was then that something in me just snapped. Evan would not want us to be this way, crying all the time and not getting on with our lives. We have a baby on the way and we just can’t sit around being sad all the time. Life must go on so I did the only thing I knew to do in these situations and that is get busy. So, I started cleaning. 

I cleaned the floors then I started in on the bathroom. 

I also made us a nice dinner of french toast. Neither one of had eaten much in the last few days. Just some cereal. You can’t live on cereal forever. 

One day, the door bell rang. Oh my, look who it is? It is Pranav. We used to date before I met Evan. He has called me a bunch of times but I just didn’t want to talk to anyone.

He said he couldn’t take it no more and wanted to see how me and Caleb were doing. I told him we were doing better but still sad at times. He said he wanted us to be friends again and I agreed. I really missed him so it might be nice to see him more often. 

Not long after our talk, my water broke. It was go time!! 

This hurts so much. Owwww, time to get to the hospital. 

Pranav insisted on going with me. He was unusually calm for a man in this situation. 

Here we go again. At least this doctor is younger than the last one. 

Before I knew it Cooper was born!! Hello, cooper. 

If only Evan could see him now. He would be so happy to have another boy. 

We were released from the hospital the same day and Pranav drove us home. Oh cooper, I love you so much son. I really do think things are going to be okay after all.

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Chapter 7- It Started Raining

Life was really good for a while. We were expecting another child and I was thinking about taking some time off to spend with the family. Maybe a vacation would be a good idea. I was working so much. 

But sometimes good ideas come to late.

I couldn’t believe it was Evan’s time. Nooo, nooo, noo, it just can’t be. Not my Evan. I can’t live without him. 

So, I begged Grim for his life. “Please don’t take him, we love him so much and can’t live without him.” 

Luckily, Grim saw things my way and allowed Evan just a little more time. 

I decided then and there it was time to take some time off of work. No more putting it off. Who knows how much time we have left. 

So, I took a relaxing bath to celebrate our life together. 

And I decided to take a pregnancy test. Turns out I have some good news!! 

Are you ready to hear my news Evan? So here is the thing, I am pregnant again. We are going to have a little Noo Boo!!! 

Evan is really happy he is going to be a dad again. He is such a good father to Caleb. I just know he will enjoy being a dad to this little noo boo.  All this excitement was wearing on me. I need some sleep. 

Unfortunately Evans time on this earth was not long because the Grim Reaper showed up the next night and we had to say goodbye to Evan. 

Caleb came rushing in to see what was going on and saw his dad laying on the floor. He was so upset. 

I was devastated. How in the world was I going to get through this pregnancy, through this life without Evan?

Eating and sleeping became very difficult for everyone in the house. Me and Caleb were both very sad. I tried to comfort Caleb as much as possible but I was in my own little world of misery. 

I don’t know how we are going to cope but somehow we have to make it through the day. Just one day at a time.

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