Chapter 8- And Baby Makes Three Again

Caleb and I were just really sad. It was hard to get through eating my cereal not to mention each day. 

Poor Caleb just cried and cried. He couldn’t seem to get over losing his dad. 

Many times I would look up in the sky and ask why why why did Evan have to be taken. Life just isn’t fair not at all. It was a chore just taking a bath each day. 

I decided to call work and take some family leave. We needed time to mourn. 

Sometimes we would just look at each other and cry. 

I tried really hard to comfort Caleb. But I was having such a hard time myself that it was difficult to tell him things were going to be okay when I wasn’t sure if they ever would be again. 

I don’t know what happened but it was then that something in me just snapped. Evan would not want us to be this way, crying all the time and not getting on with our lives. We have a baby on the way and we just can’t sit around being sad all the time. Life must go on so I did the only thing I knew to do in these situations and that is get busy. So, I started cleaning. 

I cleaned the floors then I started in on the bathroom. 

I also made us a nice dinner of french toast. Neither one of had eaten much in the last few days. Just some cereal. You can’t live on cereal forever. 

One day, the door bell rang. Oh my, look who it is? It is Pranav. We used to date before I met Evan. He has called me a bunch of times but I just didn’t want to talk to anyone.

He said he couldn’t take it no more and wanted to see how me and Caleb were doing. I told him we were doing better but still sad at times. He said he wanted us to be friends again and I agreed. I really missed him so it might be nice to see him more often. 

Not long after our talk, my water broke. It was go time!! 

This hurts so much. Owwww, time to get to the hospital. 

Pranav insisted on going with me. He was unusually calm for a man in this situation. 

Here we go again. At least this doctor is younger than the last one. 

Before I knew it Cooper was born!! Hello, cooper. 

If only Evan could see him now. He would be so happy to have another boy. 

We were released from the hospital the same day and Pranav drove us home. Oh cooper, I love you so much son. I really do think things are going to be okay after all.

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